Preparation is the key to success. When you blindly approach a task, you never know how you’ll fare. But if you’re well rehearsed, you can be pretty certain of the outcome.

An Olympic athlete would never have gotten anywhere without practice. They’re in their position because they’ve dedicated their lives to their craft. A gymnast knows they can land a triple somersault because they’ve done it hundreds of times, and they know exactly how much power and planning it requires.

When writing a term paper, the longer you spend on it, the better chance you have of earning a good grade. If you’re giving a speech, the more you rehearse, the easier it will be to remember.

It’s the same in all areas of life. Most people wouldn’t go on a vacation without due preparation: researching the area, booking a flight and hotel, and packing accordingly. Why would you approach a business deal without going over the numbers? Or why walk into an interview without researching the company, learning about your interviewers and noting how your skills would be perfect for the position?

If you’re serious about your performance, being prepared makes all the difference. You’ll be less nervous, because you’ll be that much more confident in your abilities. And you can be sure that no matter the outcome, you’ve given it your all.

– Missy Schwartz

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